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The 'I Exist, Too' Declaration (2023)

The Declaration of LGBTQI+ Inclusion within the Global Maritime Industry

Image by Chris Pagan
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What is the 'I Exist, Too Declaration'?

This ground breaking global Declaration is the first of its kind, and it will ensure that the human rights of LGBTQI+ people, within the global maritime industry, are safeguarded and protected.


The maritime industry is vast, with over 1.8 million people employed globally, on a range of cruise ships, passenger ferries, oil tankers, cargo ships, and more. With reports of prejudice, discrimination, and abuse toward LGBTQI+ people within the industry, it is now more important than ever to bring together the maritime industry to make a stand toward inclusivity.


This Declaration was launched in May 2023 at the 'I Exist, Too' international conference, in Panama. As a Global Witness to the Declaration, ReportOUT have worked in partnership with the excellent team at the I Exist, Too Forum, led by Gustavo Abdiel Aguilar Miranda at the University of Newcastle, U.K.


This international conference was joined by academic experts, members of LGBTQI+ organisations, union representatives, maritime industry professionals, United Nations agencies, and maritime organisations from around the world. You can read more about the conference, here.

ReportOUT's role has been to support the team to construct this new 'I Exist, Too Declaration,' to improve the visibility and rights of the LGBTQI+ population within the global maritime industry. 


LGBTQI+ human rights exist not only on land, but also at sea, and so ReportOUT are proud to be the ongoing Global Witness organisation behind the 'I Exist, Too Declaration.'

The aims of the
'I Exist, Too Declaration' are to improve the following:

Visibility: Promote the visibility and contribution of LGBTQI+ professionals within the maritime industry.

Access: Strengthen the access and career development of LGBTQI+ people within the maritime industry.

Inclusion: Promote action frameworks for the establishment of inclusive policies that guarantee the protection of LGBTQI+ people within the maritime industry.

Growth: Promote innovation, development, and continuous growth of the maritime industry through a diverse, inclusive, and respectful human talent participation.

Image by Eilis Garvey
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"The #IExistToo declaration is a way for us to show our support for all our LGBTQI+ members and their families. The Norwegian Seafarers Union is proud to be able to join our brothers and sisters in this public statement to say that our industry is for everyone"

Kurt Inge Angell
President of the Norwegian Seafarers Union

Image by Ishant Mishra

Read and sign the
'I Exist, Too' Declaration

Launched in Panama in May 2023, the 'I Exist Too Declaration' has already been signed by several global maritime organisations, individuals, and companies.


Do you want to make a change for LGBTQI+ human rights in the maritime industry? This Declaration is ongoing, and we encourage you to read, and sign it, by clicking below.

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